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Best 6 VPS Hosting Providers to Take Your Website to the Next Level

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Have you outgrown your shared website hosting server however aren’t pretty geared up to move onto cloud or devoted web hosting?

A virtual private server, or VPS web hosting, is the perfect gateway among those differing website hosting environments.

In this publish, we cover the nice VPS hosting providers nicely proper in your extra sophisticated tasks.

Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2023

1. Bluehost : VPS Hosting Providers


Bluehost, one among 3 hosts encouraged by WordPress, offers a easy yet powerful VPS hosting solution.

Full root access is available, which places you in general manage over the management of your server and all the software program you put in on it. CPanel is likewise available if you’d like to make matters a little simpler on yourself.

Bluehost doesn’t provide as many assets as a number of the opposite alternatives on this listing, however its VPS servers are clearly quite a few steps above your cutting-edge shared hosting answer in case you’re prepared to upgrade to a more sophisticated server.

Bluehost additionally registers domain names and offers e mail web hosting.

Key Features

  • Semi-controlled servers
  • Unlimited web sites
  • Up to 4 CPU cores
  • Up to 8GB of RAM
  • Up to 120GB of SSD storage
  • Up to 3TB of bandwidth
  • cPanel preinstalled
  • Dedicated IP address
  • 24/7 help


Plans begin at $29.Ninety nine/month. Discounts are to be had on one-year, -year and 3-yr plans. Introductory costs also are protected.

2. InMotion Hosting : VPS Hosting Providers

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a multi-service internet host. They offer two VPS web hosting solutions: a controlled model and unmanaged, cloud-based VPS servers.

The controlled VPS provider is a tremendous desire for non-technical users. It comes with a Linux-primarily based OS and control panel software program preconfigured. All you want to do is pick which CMS you need to use, then set up it in one click with cPanel’s Softaculous tool.

It’s additionally clean to scale your resources, along with by means of switching to a better capacity of RAM, while wished.

Server safety, along with DDoS safety, is available with all VPS offerings. This is actual of live-nation snapshots (full server picture backups) and resource tracking as well. The latter characteristic allows you to expect while you’ll want to scale. SSH get entry to is also covered on all plans.

The unmanaged VPS carrier is satisfactory appropriate for developers. Server control is executed through command line in preference to a control panel, and you’re given complete root get right of entry to.

Key Features

  • Managed and unmanaged VPS servers
  • Linux-based totally servers
  • CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian to be had (unmanaged)
  • Unlimited web sites (controlled)
  • Up to 8 CPU cores
  • Up to 8GB of RAM (managed); Up to 32GB of RAM (unmanaged)
  • Up to 140GB of SSD storage (managed); Up to 640GB of SSD garage (unmanaged)
  • Unlimited bandwidth (controlled)
  • Up to 7TB of bandwidth (unmanaged)
  • cPanel and WHM included (controlled)
  • Free SSL certificate (controlled)
  • Unlimited emails (managed)
  • Dedicated IP deal with
  • 24/7 aid


Plans for controlled VPS web hosting begin at $71.99/month after an introductory charge of $29.Ninety nine/month. Discounts are to be had for 6-month, one-yr, two-yr and three-yr plans.

Plans for unmanaged cloud VPS website hosting begin at $five/month and are configurable, so you may also land up paying greater relying at the alternatives you select.

On most plans they offer a 90-day money again guarantee.

3. HostGator : VPS Hosting Providers


HostGator is a popular shared website hosting employer that offers loads of specific website hosting services. Their VPS hosting carrier is configurable and may be improper for customers who don’t have at the least a little little bit of technical expertise.

That’s due to the fact the servers are semi-controlled. HostGator gives weekly backups, server monitoring and remediation, and DDoS safety. However, you’ll be required to maintain software program updates for your own.

Full root access and developer gear are available if you want freedom to construct your challenge within the manner you need. Otherwise, the Linux-primarily based OS CentOS and manipulate panel software program cPanel are available for easy server management.

Key Features

  • Semi-managed servers
  • CentOS available
  • Up to 4 vCPU cores
  • Up to 8GB of RAM
  • Up to 240GB of SSD garage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited web sites
  • cPanel and WHM to be had
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited electronic mail debts
  • Dedicated IP address
  • 24/7 guide


Plans start at $seventy nine.Ninety five/month and are configurable. For instance, cPanel is an additional $10/month. Introductory reductions as high as 75% are available. Discounts additionally observe to 6-month, one-yr, two-yr and three-yr plans whether or not you’re new or returning.

Hostgator offers a 45-day money returned assure.

4. Hostinger  :  


Hostinger offers a variety of special hosting plans, including shared web hosting, cloud website hosting, dedicated website hosting and even Minecraft hosting.

They provide two VPS web hosting services: unmanaged, cloud-based totally VPS and the identical service but with the CyberPanel manipulate panel established and preconfigured. The latter alternative is optimized for WordPress and non-technical users.

The host’s ordinary VPS hosting service is right for developers who want greater manage over their servers. These servers are built for Linux with automobile installers to be had for CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and Suse. Plus, you’ve got complete root get admission to, so that you can set up some thing running machine and control panel you need.

While you’ll be in fee of keeping your OS and manipulate panel up to date, you will have server monitoring, server protection thru BitNinja, superior DDoS safety and different custom-constructed equipment for server infrastructure handled for you.

The CyberPanel VPS web hosting provider is basically the same provider with the equal set of sources. This consists of 1 to 8 vCPU cores, 1 to 16GB of RAM and 20 to 250GB of SSD storage.

The CyberPanel control panel is preconfigured with this website hosting service. It permits you to install WordPress and different content material control structures in some clicks, something that’s a lot more complicated to do with the host’s different VPS carrier.

Developers and superior customers will revel in Git deployment, WordPress staging, one-click on backup and restore, WP-CLI, and SSH get admission to with this service.

Plus, CyberPanel makes use of LiteSpeed Cache, which comes with its personal Web Access Firewall (WAF) for advanced server security.

Hostinger additionally gives domains and e mail web hosting.

Key Features

  • Unmanaged VPS servers
  • Auto installers for OSs and internet scripts
  • Up to eight vCPU cores
  • Up to 16GB of RAM
  • Up to 250GB of SSD storage
  • Up to 12TB of bandwidth
  • Weekly backups + guide backups
  • Free SSL certificates (CyberPanel)
  • Dedicated IP cope with
  • 24/7 assist


Introductory prices for the most inexpensive plan are $9.Ninety five/month, $fifty nine.Forty for one year ($four.95/month), $102.00 for two years ($4.25/month) and $189.60 for 4 years ($three.Ninety five/month).

One-12 months, two-year and four-year plans renew at expenses which might be 50-60% higher than their introductory quotes.

They also provide a 30-day money lower back assure.

5. Liquid Web : VPS Hosting Providers


Liquid Web is a effective host that offers excessive-performing web hosting services at low priced quotes. This consists of controlled WordPress, cloud and committed web hosting.

They additionally offer cloud-based totally, controlled VPS servers which might be “quicker than AWS and Rackspace.” This consists of four Linux-based pricing levels and 3 Windows-primarily based ranges available as is or bundled with a few of Liquid Web’s accessories.

These accessories consist of a chance stack oversight detection system, internet safety bundle, top class commercial enterprise e-mail provider and garage for Acronis Cyber backups.

Available resources consist of 2 to eight virtual CPU cores, 2 to 16GB of RAM and forty to 200GB of SSD garage.

With root get entry to, unique OS software program to choose from and three choices for manipulate panels, Liquid Web is a touch extra flexible for developers who need more manage over their servers.

Even so, the host’s manipulate panel alternatives are intuitive sufficient for non-technical customers to configure their websites, including including extra sources when essential.

Plus, these servers are managed, so security (DDoS protection and an integrated firewall), updates and different maintenance are dealt with by way of Liquid Web.

Key Features

  • Managed servers
  • Linux or Windows-based totally servers to be had
  • InterWorx, cPanel and Plesk Web Pro to be had as control panels for Linux
  • Plesk Obsidian to be had for Windows
  • Up to eight vCPU cores
  • Up to 16GB of RAM
  • Up to 200GB of SSD storage
  • 10TB of bandwidth on all plans
  • Dedicated IP cope with
  • Unlimited websites with InterWorx
  • Cloudflare CDN integration
  • a hundred% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 support


Plans for Linux-based totally servers begin at $fifty nine/month, $420* for one year ($35/month) or $360* for two years ($15/month).

Windows-based totally servers are plenty greater expensive regardless of having equal resources.

They also provide a 30-day money lower back assure.

6. DreamHost : VPS Hosting Providers


DreamHost is a famous WordPress host and considered one of three hosts advocated with the aid of WordPress themselves. Along with VPS website hosting, they provide shared, managed WordPress, cloud and dedicated web hosting offerings.

DreamHost gives 4 one-of-a-kind VPS website hosting stages that vary in the amount of RAM and SSD storage to be had for each. These assets range from 1 to 8GB for RAM and 30 to 240GB for SSD garage.

This service is appropriate for all users, developer or no longer. The servers are managed, because of this protection and updates are accomplished by means of DreamHost. Plus, the person interface of the host’s control panel is well designed and smooth to use. If you start pushing the bounds of your modern sources, you could upgrade to the next RAM and garage stages in only some clicks.

This same UI allows you to put in applications like WordPress and permit unfastened SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt in a single click on.

Developers seeking out root access will need to apply DreamHost’s cloud website hosting carrier. However, you may choose among Apache and Nginx-primarily based servers (best Linux is available as an operating device) and use PHP, Perl, Python, Node.Js, Ruby and cron. SSH get right of entry to, OPcache and Phusion Passenger also are included.

Plus, builders can create an infinite variety of sub money owed for group, FTP and client purposes with reseller features to be had.

DreamHost is a site name registrar, and its email web hosting services are included in its VPS hosting provider.

Key Features

  • Managed VPS servers
  • Unlimited websites
  • Up to 8GB of RAM
  • Up to 240GB of SSD storage
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Unlimited emails
  • one hundred% uptime assure
  • 24/7 help


Plans begin at $15/month, $a hundred sixty five/12 months ($thirteen.Seventy five/month) or $360 for 3 years ($10/month).

7. GreenGeeks : VPS Hosting Providers


GreenGeeks is a web host whose infrastructure is powered through 300% renewable “green” power. They provide shared website hosting, WordPress website hosting, committed servers and reseller web hosting.

The host’s VPS web hosting provider is fully controlled. They hold the bodily server and server infrastructure and provide safety within the form of 24/7 server tracking, WAF protection, custom safety rules and DDoS protection.

A Linux-primarily based OS and cPanel also are preinstalled and configured, so you can get proper to work on putting in the CMS of your desire, along with WordPress. It also permits you to manipulate domains and commercial enterprise electronic mail via equipment available within cPanel.

Even so, root get admission to is to be had, so developers do have the capacity to install their very own software and be extra in control of their servers.

Available assets encompass 4 to 6 vCPU cores, 2 to 8GB of RAM, and 50 to 150GB of SSD garage.

Key Features

  • Managed VPS servers
  • CentOS preinstalled
  • Up to 6 vCPU cores
  • Up to 8GB of RAM
  • Up to 150GB of SSD garage
  • 10TB of bandwidth
  • cPanel covered
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Dedicated IP cope with


Plans begin at $39.Ninety five/month or $479.40/12 months (no discount for paying annually).

You can try hazard-loose with a 30-day cash returned guarantee.

8. A2 Hosting : VPS Hosting Providers

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a popular cheap yet effective shared host for WordPress and other CMSs. They provide committed website hosting and reseller website hosting for greater-annoying tasks and improvement organizations.

Their VPS website hosting service is divided into managed and unmanaged servers. Unmanaged VPS servers have complete root get right of entry to, so that you can deploy any Linux-based OS you need.

This type of server is designed to be managed thru command line control, however short set up of cPanel is also available for less difficult server management.

A2 Hosting’s greater popular VPS website hosting answer lies in their managed servers. Root get right of entry to is still available for advanced users, however the server is preconfigured with an OS, cPanel and full server preservation. You also can scale your resources effortlessly while needed.

Resources are the same for both sorts of servers. These are 1 to 8 CPU cores, a hundred and fifty to 450GB of SSD or NVMe storage, and 1 to 32GB of RAM.

Key Features

  • Managed and unmanaged VPS servers
  • Up to 8 CPU cores
  • Up to 32GB of RAM
  • Up to 450GB of SSD or NVMe garage
  • cPanel to be had for unmanaged servers (preinstalled on controlled)
  • Free SSL certificates (managed)
  • Dedicated IP deal with
  • 24/7 help


Pricing for unmanaged VPS web hosting plans begins at introductory rates of $6.Ninety nine/month, $79.08 for three hundred and sixty five days ($6.Fifty nine/month) and $179.64 for 3 years ($four.Ninety nine/month).

Pricing for managed VPS hosting plans starts at introductory quotes of $fifty nine.99/month, $599.88 for 12 months ($49.Ninety nine/month) and $1,439.64 for 3 years ($39.Ninety nine/month).

They additionally offer a cash returned assure.

The professionals & cons of having a digital personal server

The biggest benefit of web hosting your web site with this form of hosting is within the carrier’s call itself: virtual non-public server. This is a bodily committed server, except its assets shared privately via unique web hosting bills.

It’s the best of both worlds. You get private get admission to on your personal set of resources on what’s technically a shared committed server while not having to pay for a whole committed server yourself.

So, whilst VPS hosting is extra expensive than shared website hosting, it’s a miles less expensive way to enhance your web page’s performance with out stressful about your server buddies consuming away at what little assets you’ve got and compromising your web site’s safety inside the procedure.

VPS website hosting is also a suitable web hosting option for those who want to apply certain scripts, software program and server configurations now not allowed in shared web hosting environments. This is because VPS hosts usually come up with complete root get admission to to your server, which puts you in complete control.

This herein lies what some may additionally don’t forget to be a downside of VPS hosting. Full root get admission to and unmanaged servers may be appropriate for builders and users who aren’t afraid to get technical, however they leave non-technical customers inside the darkish.

With unmanaged servers, VPS hosts positioned you in price of software program updates and different vital server maintenance. This is with the aid of layout considering the fact that sudden updates may also wreck your website or server configuration because of all the custom-constructed scripts and third-birthday celebration software you can have mounted on your server.

Still, VPS hosting is one of the pleasant and most powerful answers for the ones trying to flow away from shared hosting and developers who want more flexibility in server configurations for brand new projects.

Final thoughts

Choosing an internet host is by no means clean. Fortunately, the website hosting organizations in our list vary in the way they perform their VPS web hosting services. This approach the high-quality way to slender down your list of alternatives is to decide what you need in a VPS host.

Cost is typically certainly one of the biggest elements you ought to bear in mind in terms of selecting a web host. Unfortunately, this can not help with VPS website hosting.

This is because many VPS hosts provide unmanaged servers. These are less expensive by way of nature for the reason that purpose of unmanaged servers is to receive little renovation from the hosts themselves.

If you’re ill-geared up to cope with the technical information required to set up and keep an unsupervised server, you gained’t have a lot luck chasing the most inexpensive charges.

Your fine wager is to consider whether or not you need an unsupervised or controlled server, whether or no longer you need your server to come preconfigured with a manipulate panel, and the wide variety of assets you observed you’ll want inside the destiny.

Many of these hosts offer the identical primary assets, however they vary in the quantity of most sources they offer.

Figure out what your largest factors for VPS hosting are, and use them to decide on a single host and website hosting plan. And if you do change your thoughts, use the hosts’ money returned guarantee provide.

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