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Reseller Club Hosting Reviews in 2023 : Best Hosting

ResellerClub is a well-known web hosting provider and has more than 200,000 clients all over the world. There are five million registered domains. ResellerClub hosting is perfect for large organizations or those looking to create a web-based site for the first time.

This best hosting service in India provides a variety of plans and packages for hosting. The most appealing thing is that you can modify a hosting plan to your requirements. It also allows you to utilize various integration tools. It allows integration with CMS such as WordPress as well as Joomla. Its Cloud Server hosting provided by the web host provides flexibility and customer support.

It also offers ResellerClub coupon codes for hosting and domain plans. You can use these coupons to receive amazing discounts on your purchases. In addition, it provides a variety of options of servers that can be installed with one click installation options.

Reseller Club Hosting Reviews 2023

Reseller club

1. Tempo and Time to Server

The most crucial aspect of web hosting is its uptime. A website hosting firm should offer excellent uptime as well as server time. In our study in the ResellerClub evaluation, we discovered that this hosting provider has no downtime. Therefore, you can anticipate 99.9 100% uptime with hosting.

The performance and speed of the Web Hosting service are impressive. Speedier website speeds and better uptime will improve the users’ experience. This will in turn improve the ranking of a website and increase conversions.

2. Security and Total Support

ResellerClub hosting comes with the security of 24/7. Your website is protected from various cyber-attacks. It is also possible to contact the support team if there are any concerns regarding the operation of your website.

By email, your issue is solved within a day. ResellerClub hosting also comes with an unique ticketing feature. It is possible to raise tickets so that support team will be able to contact you. You can also reach customer service and talk to them directly.

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ResellerClub Web Hosting Packages

1. ResellerClub Shared Web Hosting Plan

Shared hosting is perfect for designers and developers who are a fan of WordPress as well as Magneto.

There are three plans available under Shared Hosting.

  1. The Personal plan starts at just Rs160/month, and includes 1 domain, with unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  2. The Business plan costs Rs250 per month and includes 3 domains that have unlimited storage and bandwidth.
  3. The third plan, the Pro plan that starts at Rs295/month. The Pro plan allows unlimited domains and is ideal for businesses with websites.

The plan also provides unlimited bandwidth and storage. It is possible to use the plan on a bespoke basis as well. Its unlimited web hosting options that are offered by Shared Web hosting are fantastic for new websites as well. Linux Shared hosting offers the user a 30-day money-back assurance.

2.ResellerClub Reseller Web Hosting Plan

Reseller Web hosting offers four different plans for tiers.

  1. The ESSENTIAL Plan comes with 40GB of storage and 800GB of bandwidth. The plan is priced at Rs 1259 per month.
  2. The ADVANCE Plan starts at Rs 1299/month, and comes with 50GB of storage and an 900 GB bandwidth.
  3. The PRO Plan costs from Rs 1749/month, and comes with 100 GB storage along with 1200GB bandwidth.
  4. The ULTIMATE Plan comes with 200GB of storage and 1400 GB bandwidth. It costs you Rs 2799/month.

Each of these plans comes with unlimited websites which means you can launch any number of websites at once. Every plan comes with a Free SSL Certificate and Free WHMCS which is an amazing. Also, there’s an expert team of support to help you resolve all technical problems and issues.

ResellerClub CMS Hosting Plan

ResellerClub provides three kinds of CMS hosting: WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Each hosting plan comes with many features to meet the needs of all.

Check them out and choose one to best meets your needs.

1.ResellerClub WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress hosting comes with four tier plans. Starter Lite is the cheapest plan.

  1. Starter Lite plan offers 2 5 GB RAM, a GB of storage as well as an unlimited number of email accounts.
  2. The Performance Lite plan offers 4 2GB RAM, 20GB storage, and automated WordPress updates. The plan comes with two websites.
  3. The Business Lite plan offers 6 GB of RAM and 40 GB storage, along with three websites.
  4. The Professional Lite plan offers 6 GB RAM and 40GB storage. Five sites can be hosted on the WordPress plan.

WordPress hosting plans also include auto-updates with already installed plugins. Cloud-based backups are also included as well as 24/7 support, and a complete security tools.

2.ResellerClub Drupal Hosting Plan

Drupal hosting provides high-performance solutions that include CPANEL access and support. There are three levels within this plan of hosting.

  1. The Personal plan provides unlimited storage space and data transfer by just one mouse click Drupal install.
  2. A Business plan gives three domains that can be used with unlimited storage space and data transfer.
  3. The Pro plan allows unlimited domains, with unlimited storage space. It also provides unlimited data transfer along with renewal options.

The plans are designed to work with Drupal CMS and all the plans provide excellent security features for Drupal hosting. After one click it is easy to work. Drupal hosting is perfect for small businesses.

3.ResellerClub Joomla Hosting Plan

Joomla hosting is perfect for the Joomla CMS platform, or for those who want to connect it to other websites. It offers three plans that you can pick from.

  1. The Personal plan provides one domain that is unlimited in storage space and data transfer.
  2. A Business plan gives you three domains that are unlimited in email support and data transfer.
  3. The third option, Pro provides one-click Joomla installations that include unlimited space on disks as well as domains.

It also comes with an unlimited number of email addresses. Joomla plan comes with features such as solid infrastructure and an excellent control panel.

ResellerClub Cloud Hosting Plan

Cloud hosting offers you space and power that you can utilize to expand the reach of your company. Cloud hosting lets you host multiple websites and has excellent plans.

There are three levels in the Cloud hosting service.

  1. Personal Cloud is the most affordable plan. Personal Cloud plan gives you unlimited bandwidth, with 2GB RAM. Pricing for this plan is Rs455 per month and provides one website.
  2. The Business Cloud plan starts at Rs585 per month, and provides 4GB of RAM as well as unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  3.  Its Pro Cloud plan costs Rs695/month and includes 6GB of storage, with unlimited bandwidth and storage. Both the Pro and Business plans allows you to host up to a limitless number of sites.

Cloud hosting can be described as a flexible plan that comes with a user-friendly performance dashboard. It offers features such as mirroring data and rock-solid stability. The best part is that all three Cloud hosting plans provide unlimited email accounts as well as a free SSL Certificate.

ResellerClub VPS Hosting Plan

The plan for hosting is suitable to use with Linux KVM. It gives you complete root access along with fast SSD storage.

The plan comes with 4 levels you can pick from.

  1. The Standard plan comes with 2GB RAM and 20GB of disk storage. It also comes with 1TB bandwidth. It starts at just Rs 399 per month.
  2. The Business plan costs Rs849 per month and comes with 4GB RAM, 40GB storage and an additional IP.
  3. The PRO plan includes 6GB RAM and 2TB bandwidth support. The price is Rs1259 per month and includes up to 80GB of disk space.
  4. The Elite plan comes with 8GB RAM and 120 GB of disk space. It also provides 2 TB bandwidth support , and prices start at Rs1749 per month.

This VPS hosting plan provides top-quality infrastructure and instant provisioning. It also provides great service with up to 99.9 percent of uptime.

ResellerClub dedicated server hosting plan

dedicated server hosting provides an efficient and reliable support system for your website. The plan is suitable for large companies or those who require additional security.

There are four levels to this plan.

  1. STANDARD Plan provides 4GB of RAM and 1000GB of storage. It also comes with 5TB bandwidth support , and costs around Rs4999/month.
  2. BUSINESS Plan plan begins at Rs5399/month and includes 4GB RAM and 5TB bandwidth.
  3. PRO plan comes with 8GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 1000 GB. It is priced at Rs6999 per month and provides 10TB of bandwidth.
  4. ELITE plan costs 8449 per month, and comes with 16GB RAM and 1000 GB of storage. The plan also comes with up to 16TB of bandwidth support.

The dedicated hosting plans come with an excellent support for websites with a the money-back assurance.

ResellerClub Business Email Hosting Plan

Email Business Hosting will provide you with an array of features to assist in the scaling of your website especially if you’re using emails to promote your company or to increase leads. The email hosting plan will give 5GB of storage space with calendars and private labels. It also comes with anti-virus protection with 24 hour assistance. You’ll also get personal email hosting when you sign up for it’s Business Email plan, which begins at Rs 240 per month.

ResellerClub Hosting Pros & Cons


  • Support is friendly.
  • Excellent performance and high-quality hosting.
  • A variety of plans to choose from.
  • Lower prices.
  • Fantastic server options.


  • Poor support response time.
  • Domain prices too high.


We hope that this ResellerClub reviews has provided you with the full description of every plan. The company’s web hosting services empower designers and developers to work with other websites. The company offers a wide range of plans and features which means you do not have to be restricted in your choices. You can modify a plan to suit your budget and preferences. There are also amazing discounts and deals on plans provided from ResellerClub hosting. Check out the list of webhosting options to select the best hosting plan.

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