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NameCheap Hosting Reviews : Features, Pricing

Are you searching for the best hosting service to get your site up and up It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the possibilities for hosting, and you’re not by yourself. There’s no shortage of hosting providers to pick from when you need to select a host for your website. In this blog guide NameCheap Hosting Reviews

There are certain web hosting companies that can provide what you need. NameCheap might be one of them.

The company began as a domain registration service in 2000. Its popularity in the domain registrar market was what led NameCheap to offer additional services, like hosting.

Today, it serves more than 11 million customers and hosts more than 3 million domains.

Although some companies earn profits from upsells, Namecheap boasts in its refusal to use upsells to earn profits. Instead, they provide low-cost pricing plans that provide the services you require which is why they have the name NameCheap.

Compare NameCheap with the Best Web Hosting Services : NameCheap Hosting Reviews in 2023

NameCheap Hosting Reviews

As we’ve mentioned, Namecheap is far from the only hosting provider for websites. There are many other providers available that we’ve found to be more. This conclusion was reached after extensive investigation and trial and trial. We began an adventure to discover the top web hosting companies that you can use and Namecheap was not among the choices.

But the fact that it didn’t make our list doesn’t suggest that Namecheap isn’t an option for hosting needs. Hosting requirements vary from one individual to the other and Namecheap might offer exactly what you want. It’s worth studying something more about it, to say the minimum. That’s why we’re digging into Namecheap to let you know how it stands up to the competition.

Find our top choices here and then read on to find out our opinions on Namecheap

Namecheap: Advantages and Disadvantages : Namecheap hosting reviews

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of Namecheap to decide if its pros can give you the features you require and if its cons aren’t a problem.


  • The Trusted brand: Namecheap is in business for more than 20 years and has no ties to hosting. With more than three million hosting clients under its wings, Namecheap is doing things right. It is safe to say that through the years, they’ve removed a number of issues and have a generally excellent product.
  • Good uptime A site’s uptime that you can count on is essential. A high-uptime Website means less downtime for your website or blog. This is something you do not want. The more time your website is offline, the more clients you’ll lose.
  • We love Namecheap’s 100 percent service level agreement on uptime. If an uptime of 100 percent isn’t reached the customer gets their refund. This is this is the best customer care. Namecheap is able to provide this service because they have a long history of consistently high uptime. There were a few minor drops in the past but nothing that was catastrophic, or anything that didn’t make close to the 100percent mark. The current average time to complete a task is 99.97 percent and is quite close to being 100.
  • Keep in mind that If your uptime isn’t as good as it could be, Namecheap will pay for it.
  • Transferring your domain for freeIf your website is hosted by a different provider, but aren’t pleased with their services, Namecheap makes it cheap and simple to move into their plan. The prices are so low in fact that they don’t charge you anything. Yes, you read that right. Namecheap provides the option of free migration of your website from other hosting companies.
  • The other thing they offer free of charge is a domain upon the purchase of plans. This makes sense as domains are their speciality. However, we are a sucker for a great freebie, especially if it’s something we’ll actually make use of.
  • Cash-back Guarantee Not satisfied with the Namecheap experience? There’s no problem. Should you choose within the first 30 days from the time you started using your services that you do not like the way things are going, Namecheap will refund you.
  • This gives you all month to use to your Namecheap program for a trial run. If you’re unhappy with the results of the trial, you’re able to switch to a different plan, or claim your money back.
  • Great Basic Plan If you’ve ever sought web hosting you’re aware that the standard plans from almost all providers offer the minimum. They are a good beginning point for those who are just beginning to learn about websites. However, if you require more from your hosting service than just an area to store your site, the minimum plans might not be enough.
  • With the namecheap bare minimum plan, you are granted unlimited bandwidth. This is a rare benefit which you’ll appreciate as your website grows. Additionally you will also receive an absolutely complimentary SSL certificate in the initial year. (As is the case with many free SSL certificate options the first year is completely free and each year following that, you will have to pay. Namecheap offers exactly the same.)
  • One thing we love is that users get backups for free twice a week. Some providers only offer one backup per weekly basis, therefore twice per week is a huge benefit. Backups are essential since you never know what could occur during an update and cause your website to go down.
  • However, it doesn’t end there. There are not just only one, nor two however, instead three websites included with the base plan. This is an enormous improvement over the one web hosting service that the majority of providers offer on their cheapest plan. If you’re planning to run both a commercial and personal website, you’ll appreciate this benefit.

To top it all off you can get 50 email addresses. The majority of providers give you one email address, while some do not offer one, so 50 addresses is an incredible benefit.

Also, you can also avail fifty MySQL databases, and the majority of companies provide far lower than the amount you get.

Quick load time:No one wants to listen to the Jeopardy theme song as they wait for websites to load. If a website takes longer three or four seconds for loading, it is almost a 100percent chance that the users are going to abandon the project and go to a different website.

According to Google according to Google, websites should be able to load in under three seconds in today’s world. But, you should strive to load in less.

Namecheap lets Google’s speed be attainable. Their average speed for pages is 458 milliseconds, which is a breeze and passes the test in flying colors. The speeds of this company increase with each passing day.


  • unreliable customer support: Namecheap has a fantastic source known as the Knowledgebase that is the best place to turn to if you’re facing issues that you believe are typical and have been experienced by other customers in your position.
  • Topics range including SSL certificate to emails services.
  • They also have instructional videos that help you answer various questions and offer solid solutions.
  • If you are unable to find the information you’re looking for within or Knowledgebase or the instructional videos the process could get difficult.
  • Namecheap has live chats which respond quickly at initially, but the support doesn’t stay steady when questions begin appearing. The time required to respond to questions within the chat is greater than we’re comfortable with.
  • You can also choose to send a ticket with any concerns or questions but it’s not guaranteed prompt response. There is no phone support for Namecheap and you shouldn’t look for an address to contact.

NameCheap Hosting Pricing : NameCheap Hosting Reviews

Now is the time to investigate the various options available using Namecheap. And there’s plenty of packages to choose from. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out with a site and seeking something simple to use for your personal needs or an organization looking to construct an extremely popular website that you can trust, Namecheap has something for you.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan : NameCheap Hosting Reviews

Namecheap Shared Hosting Plan

We’re pretty impressed about the hosting plans that shared hosting company Namecheap provides. As per the name, they’re affordable and provide a good quantity of benefits over other shared hosting plans that are basic like the ones mentioned earlier.

  • Stellar. This is the lowest plan offered by Namecheap however, you do receive a lot. Included is 20GB of SSD as well as three websites, the domain name is free (for for the initial year) and a free CDN. This package costs $1.58/month for a year-long subscription.
  • Stellar Plus. This package includes unlimited SSD and unlimited websites, auto-backup, a free domain name, no-cost CDN and much more. The cost is $2.68/month for this package when you pay annually.
  • Stellar Business. If you are looking to create with a simple website for their company is this the best option for you. It comes with 50GB of SSD with unlimited websites, auto-backup cloud storage, a no cost domain names, no-cost CDN and much many more. Prices start at $4.80/month for a year-long subscription.

In addition to the above the shared hosting plans come with the free website builder domain name security, privacy protection, no-cost SSL certificate, no-cost SSL setup, CPanel email service, as well as 24/7 assistance.

Namecheap Reseller Hosting Plan : NameCheap Hosting Reviews

Namecheap Reseller Hosting Plan

Reseller hosting is an excellent opportunity to earn passive income. You can buy an reseller plan through Namecheap and then sell the plans to others who you know, for example customers or friends.

  • Nebula. It’s the cheapest reseller hosting plan that comes with 30GB SSD as well as 25 cPanel account that you can rent to others. The plan costs $17.88/month and is billed annually.
  • Galaxy Professional. The next level of reseller hosting gives you 90GB SSD, and 100 Cpanel account accounts to sell. The price is $33.88/month and is billed annually.
  • Universe Pro. If you’re looking to perform some serious selling, this might be the perfect one for you. It includes 150GB SSD as well as 150 accounts on cPanel. It costs $51.88/month to be paid annually.

Each reseller plan also includes the following:

  • Ability to control from cPanel
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • WMH control
  • Tools to manage accounts
  • High-powered reseller servers

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NameCheap WordPress Hosting Plan : NameCheap Hosting Reviews

NameCheap WordPress Hosting Plan

If you’re thinking of using WordPress then these hosting plans are ideal for you.

  • EasyWP Starter. This is a great option for the initial WordPress website. The plan includes 10GB of SSD storage and 50,000 monthly visitors for $22.88/month The plan is paid annually.
  • EasyWP Turbo. Do you want to increase the number of visitors to your WordPress website? Check out this plan that offers you 50GB SSD, 1.5 times more CPU, 1.5 times more RAM and a free SSL as well as a free CDN and 200,00 monthly visits for $34.44/month and billed annually.
  • EasyWP Supersonic. If you want to increase the size of your site to its fullest it is suitable for you. You will get 100 GB SSD with twice the CPU, twice as much RAM as well as an 99.99 percent uptime assurance and a free SSL as well as a free CDN and 500,000 monthly visits for $49.88/month The plan is per year.

NameCheap VPS Hosting Plan : NameCheap Hosting Reviews

NameCheap VPS Hosting Plan

To have more control and flexibility for websites, VPS hosting plans are an excellent choice.

  • Pulsar. This popular VPS hosting plan includes 2 CPU processors two GB RAM, 40GB SSD RAID 10 and 1000GB of bandwidth. The price is $7.88/month and is billed annually.
  • Quasar. This plan is a fantastic price and includes four cores of CPU, six GB RAM 120 SSD RAID 10GB, and 3000 GB of bandwidth. The price is $13.88/month and is billed annually.

Name Cheap with Hosting with dedicated servers : NameCheap Hosting Reviews

Name Cheap with Hosting with dedicated servers

If you require your own servers in order to be in control of the things you do, the option of a dedicated hosting service is something to investigate.

The various plans in the dedicated server package offer various options, based on your particular requirements. When you reach the level of hosting you require it’s a good suggestion to contact an Namecheap agent to determine if you are able to get more details prior to making an investment. You can observe that plans are priced from $600/month up to $1,100 per month.

A dedicated server has numerous advantages for your website or business, and could be exactly what you require.

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Best Web Hosting Services in 2023

If you’re considering Namecheap as your hosting provider for web sites needs and are interested in learning the advantages and disadvantages of this company It is crucial to remember that there are other choices. Our guide will assist you to understand the various alternatives. Find the top web hosting information below.

  1. Hostinger Web Hosting with the best price for the majority of users
  2. SiteGround hosting Best for ensuring that uptime stays at or above 99.99 percent
  3. HostGator hosting is the best choice to scale your small business quickly
  4. DreamHost hosting – Best pay-as-you-go web hosting
  5. Bluehost hosting – Best drag-and-drop page builder for beginners
  6. inMotion hosting Best cost for two sites hosting with one plan
  7. Nexcess hosting – Ideal for those who are experienced WordPress users
  8. A2 Hosting – The most reliable web hosting platform for European and Asian audience
  9. HostArmanda hosting : Best Hosting Service Provider
  10. Kinsta hosting : Most Reliable Hosting and Best Hosting
  11. NameCheap Web Hosting : Most Secure and Cheap Cloud Hosting

Although Namecheap didn’t make it on our list of the top web hosting companies as you can see in the above, it’s an excellent service to look deeper into. They offer great value particularly the basic plans that provide a good quantity of features that are not available from their rivals. With lots of advantages and a few cons, this service can provide you with exactly what you want.

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