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How to Write Script for YouTube Videos

In this article I’m going to share with you how to write script that generate revenue for youtube videos to ultimately save your time and create better videos. I’m excited to dive in and share it with you exactly what I do for my clients and how it will help you to shoot better videos.

Now before making your next video, there’s actually a lot of work and preparation that goes into it. So today, we’ll share with you some tips that you need before shooting your next video to get more views, more done in less time.

Now the generic answer of how to write scripts would be:

  • The hook,
  • The content and
  • Call to action.

I’m going to show you in-depth on each sections and I am going to show you how scripts look like and share some tips with you and go really in-depth on how to actually write the script for your next youtube video. 

So, first a script really can be as simple as writing down or typing all your content out. What that is it you want to share in the video. That’s gonna be the main chunk of your video is that content.

Before that you’re gonna want to think about a hook. The hook is the very beginning of the video when you tell your audience what they’re going to learn or what they’re going to gain from watching this video.

At the very end of your YouTube video you’re going to have a call to action.

One of the best ways for the youtube algorithm to be on your side is when you keep viewers on the platform.

So, at the end of every video that we do on youtube we usually say hey if you enjoyed this video then you’ll probably really like and share this video also we add like if you click on the screen right now you can go and watch that.

This helps your videos to get into that youtube algorithms, ranking and searches and getting in those suggested videos.

Now, you understand the general idea of the script. Let’s really dive into the details how to do it.

There are really two different ways to write a script.

First way would be word for word and the second way would be to use bullet points.

1. Word for word script.

Word for word would be writing your script out exactly what you’re going to say from start to finish and then you would look at it, you’d to memorize it and you would say the script back to your camera.

This is a great option for people just getting started and they have good memorization and maybe they can’t really freestyle in front of the camera.

This is also a great way to write out your hook, at the beginning of the video. Write hook word for word because it’s so important.

You’ll spend a lot of time in thinking about the words you’re gonna use to hook in the audience and so, when it comes to hook, always do that word for word.

There’s also some cons writing a script word for word. You can get pretty long and it can take a lot of time, if you’re not using bullet points and you’re typing everything out, then it’s gonna take bit longer to write it out and also when you’re filming it, you may have some issues and you may need to keep looking down or looking at your script to talk to the camera.

So you can memorize it and it is a bit longer to nail the video when shooting it when you write word for word script.

If you’re not comfortable in front of camera yet then you might need to use this and this eventually over time you can start using bullet points and that would be the goal to use word for word script while you’re getting started but then over time start to use bullet points and then you can use that, you can start to freestyle and practice that more.

Our encouragement to you, if you’re writing it word for word and not using bullet points and you’re just memorizing the lines, try this in your next video is doing work forward but maybe one or two things that you’re really confident about try doing that in a bullet points and just freestyling and see how it works and just doing this, not for the entire video but just for a little chunk of the video is gonna help to build up your confidence to let you know that you can do bullet points, you can’t feestyle to the camera and that you’re able to do it.

Start a a little bit and eventually your whole video you may be able to use bullet points and freestyle and talk to the camera.

2. Now coming to next we’re going to talking about bullet points and how to use that for script and then I’m going to share a hack with you that is going to help you get more like by implementing this into your script and it’s also going to help you with audience retention rate.

Bullet points is what most YouTuber’s use on their scripts when it comes to the content parts as well as the call to action part, because you’ll feel comfortable freestyling to the camera and talking using bullet points.

Now if you can just talk to the camera and freestyle then I definitely do recommend bullet points, but again this takes some time to get used to being in front of camera and so take your time. Be patient with yourself but this is definitely a great way to do it. Bullet points script is most productive for most when shooting youtube videos.

So, it really depends with you and how much you need. Sometimes you’ll need bit more words so that You can read it before you talk to the camera and shoot it. Read bullet points before talking to camera and this helps refresh your memory.

So you don’t miss an important point when you’re talking to camera. You definitely want to experiment with this. You might be able to do just short bullet points with your main points as for sometimes you need a bit of longer sentences and it helps to memorize. So find out what works best for you.

Now the bonus tip that We’re going to share with you guys about getting more likes an increasing audience retention rate. It is actually incorporating another call to action before the amba and more of the middle of your script.

Maybe 75% of the way through the video where you ask people to like the video and to comment down below these things can actually help you to get more likes just by asking the audience to like the video they might go down liked the video leave a comment and this is great for the YouTube algorithm.

The other thing you want to do here is make it another hook so to tease audience what is coming up in the video by telling them ‘I am going to show you how to get more likes’ or ‘I have a Bonus tip etc. In this article, I said “I was going to show you how to increase the audience retention rate and guys are sticking to this part of the article because you wanted to find out what it was.

So when you’re shooting youtube videos, find ways maybe in the middle, maybe 60% -70% of the way through to tell your audience what’s coming up, so that they don’t get board and they click off but they want to stick to the end and they want to listen to what you have to say so.

Yes you can use a hook at the very beginning but it’s also good to remind your audience what’s coming up in the video so they stick around for your call to action.

So these are just the basic answers to the questions on “How to write script for YouTube videos”. If you like this article do share and like.

If you wanna add anything to this article, you’re welcome.

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