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How to Choose Best YouTube Channel Name?

In this post I’m going to tell you how to choose best YouTube channel name so people can easily remember who you are, so they can find you quickly and they can watch more of your videos and tell other people about you.

Choosing your YouTube channel names can be tough but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we’re gonna run through some simple steps that you can follow right now to get new ideas and pick the best YouTube channel name for you.

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So, let’s jump into it.

Choosing a YouTube channel name can be a tough decision. It makes an important statement about you, the content that you’re creating and also your business and brand, so it’s perfectly reasonable that you wanna invest the time to get this right.

So, whether you’re stuck coming up YouTube channel name ideas or you already have a long list of great ideas but you’re just trying to decide on which one is the best one for you. 

I’m going to tell you some tips to help you through your process of finding a username for YouTube.

Once you learn how to come with a good YouTube name, your YouTube channel username will allow your fans to know who you are and what you want to be known as which is incredibly important.

The steps that we’re about to cover is gonna make it so much easier for you to quickly pick the right channel name for you.

1. Make a List

So, step one is to make a list of all the content that your channel is about or your channel is going to be about. 

So, here you can include:

  • What topics are you gonna cover? 
  • What field, what industry? 
  • How broad or how focused will these areas be?
  • What style of content are you going to be rolling out as well?

So, an example would be online marketing and blogging tips for us and there the type of content, the style of content are tutorials and how-to videos. 

Some other examples could be vlogging, it could be:

  • Reviews,
  • Entertainment,
  • Gaming,
  • Videos,
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Tech Reviews
  • Mobile

There is a huge range of videos that you could be creating but you wanna get some clarity around what they are.

Once you’ve got all of those ideas and everything down, then we move to next step.

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2. Set Goals

Step number two is to get clear on your end goal. 

  • Is it building a personal brand
  • Is it building a company or both?
  • Or is it something you might wanna sell off or to pull yourself or your name away from at some point?

Using your own name can be a great place to start.

It’ll help you build your personal brand but it can make it a little bit more difficult to sell later down the track if you’re building out a business or to even expand beyond just you if you wanna bring some other people in to help you and it all can be done but it’s worth keeping in mind when you’re deciding on your name.

Once you’ve given that some thought, then step number three

3. Look for Competition

The next step is to actually search for that name on YouTube and filter for channel to see if anyone else has the same channel name as you. 

And so for example if your name is Adam, and you want to name a youtube channel Adam.

If you search Adam you can see that there are lot of really big youtubers that show up.

Some of them whose names aren’t even Adam, so ranking for Adam would be very hard.

Even Bryan Adams doesn’t rank for his own name.

For example you can actually search for what you want and if there is a lot of results that come up with high view counts and high subscribers,  I would not recommend it. 

Now say for example, Adam wanted to make videos blogging tutorials. And he wants to go with the name Pro Blogger Sam, if you google Pro Blogger Adam and then filter by channels, there is actually no one else named Pro Blogger Adam. So this will be a good name to use.

4. Look for Existing Channels

Step number three is to make a list of existing channels out there that you like the name of. 

So, you wanna get clear on what do you like about them?

Is it any specific wording, is it they’re really descriptive about the type of channel? 

Do you immediately know what the channel is going to be about just from the name of the channel or is it a certain style that you like?

To make your channel name as easy to remember as possible that’s an obvious thing to say.

But you know a lot of people make names that are long drawn out names with a bunch of numbers  in them and it becomes difficult to remember.

Especially if you are saying hey I just watched this guy’s video and it’s awesome you should check  out his channel, and you don’t even remember his channel name

5. Look for Synonyms

Step number four is to make a list of all the words that describe your topic.

Use a thesaurus, you could go to Google and do Google searches to see the language that your audience is using but also to see the suggestions that pop up when you’re typing in these words for other words that are like them.

So, typically for us, we do this for our website and channel, we would include words like online marketing, blogging, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress, Online Business and obviously the list goes on.

Now at this point, if you’ve already chosen that you wanna build a personal brand, then your job’s gonna be much easier here. 

You don’t really need to brainstorm around your name.

6. Include Topic Related Word

Step number five is to add in any words that describe your approach and that might work with a list of words that are already describing your topic.

So, here I’d suggest that you add these into a separate column of your workshsheet.

So for example, we included the word Howdy in this list, it does have a few meanings but the relevant one here is that it describes our approach which is focused entirely on getting the best results with minimal work and that definition of Howdy is Hello or How are you.

Using a thesaurus can be super helpful for helping you find new ideas.

Think of words that you like the sound of, that describe the outcome for your audience or the goal of your content or the goal of your business or the goal of your YouTube channel too.

7. Be Creative

Another important tip to choose a good channel name is that, you don’t have to follow any of these rules, because at the end of the day your channel is your identity and you have to choose a name that you like the most and it doesn’t have to follow all of this rules.

More importantly because people aren’t subscribing just for your channel name what it really borrows down to is your content.

8. Come Out With Name

And that leaves us with step number seven which is choosing your name. 

Now there’s a few sub points here with this one to help you choose the right name for you, so you wanna start out by combining words as generated from above steps.

In my case HowdyBlogging worked really well for, it’s focused enough to make it clear that we’re talking about blogging-related stuff but it’s not too limiting that it prevents us from talking about all the topics that we cover on our website.

You’ll also wanna consider if it’s important for you to have the topic instantly recognizable in your name versus something that doesn’t really mean much but might give you some greater flexibility later.

So, anyone’s first thoughts or impressions when they hear HowdyBlogging is that it’s likely got something to do with blogging.

I’d also strongly recommend that you’re considering using words that are easy to say and easy to spell just to keep it simple.

So that when you tell people to go on ahead to mychannelname.com or YouTube.com/mychannelname, you wanna make it so easy for them to be able to type that in, to be able to remember that without the need to type in random characters or dashes or underscores  or any unnecessary symbols or something that they’re not gonna remember.

9. Check Username on All Social Media Platform

And another really important thing in order to choose best youtube channel name is that to check if it’s already being used.

So, that’s checking on YouTube, checking other social media platforms, checking website domains.

Now you don’t need them all but it’s definitely worth considering what’s available when you’re selecting your name.

You can head to namecheck.com and type in some of your names.

It’s gonna do a search, not just for website domains but also across your social media platforms as well and it’ll quickly tell you what’s being used and what isn’t.

If you decide to go with a channel name but then you finds out it’s taken on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and the website domain is taken as well.

Well, what you could do is to add a few prefixes or suffixes to modify the name if it’s taken.

Avoid adding unnecessary prefixes and suffixes, but if you have to add a few I would choose the ones that still make name very easy to remember and ones that sound very nice, and they are sort of into your brand.

10. Content is Priority

And one last tip for new youtubers is to not procrastinate for too long on selecting your name.

You can change it later. Your content should be top-notch, so that people love to see your video and they are willing to remember your youtube channel name.

The most important thing is to get started.

But after sometime re-evaluate your channel name to make sure that you are absolutely certain  that this is what you want your brand name to be, because a channel name can be very very hard to change late on.

We actually started with Blogging Tips before HowdyBlogging but we quickly found that that was way too limiting given all the content that we actually wanted to cover on our website or channel. 

So, it is possible to transition and to rebrand but starting is the most important thing.

So it’s something that you want  to put a lot of thought into and hopefully these tips do help you to choose best youtube channel name for you.

Lead writer at HowdyBlogging. I swim, cycle and run a lot. When I'm not doing all those, I love to explore and try new things.

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