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GoDaddy Hosting Reviews – Good or Bad Web Host?

In this Blog Guide GoDaddy Hosting Reviews in 2023!

In terms of domain names, GoDaddy isn’t only a registrar, it’s the registry. While a lot of users know about its revered status but only a handful of people know that it’s a fantastic hosting provider. Because the importance of choosing the right host is for building a strong website, we chose to dissect GoDaddy’s feature set and then compare it to the competition to help you make the right decision.

Compare GoDaddy with The Best Web Hosting Services : GoDaddy Hosting Reviews 2023

GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

GoDaddy began in 1997 when its founder Bob Parsons decided to found an organization. He wanted to use the name “Big Daddy,” however, he realized that the domain was already used, and opted to go with GoDaddy instead. What made GoDaddy among the leading companies in the domain market was the contract it signed with the National Science Foundation, which established GoDaddy as the sole domain registrar up until 1998, the year that the formation of ICANN permitted competition. In 2004 GoDaddy became the most popular domain registration service and is ever since.

GoDaddy is well-known for its domain registration services however, we’re discussing GoDaddy for hosting websites. While it’s not one of the most popular web hosting services providers, however, it’s an established brand that people recognize and trust. For this reason, we consider it worthy of a look and something you should consider for your site.

If you’re trying to get your site created quickly and easily, GoDaddy might be the best choice. While their plans for hosting, as well as WordPress plans, are priced reasonably but there are other hosting companies that have cheaper prices.

This is why it’s important to be aware that GoDaddy is only one of many choices for web hosting services. In actual fact, we’ve spent the effort to study, test, and evaluate a variety of web hosting companies so that we can identify the top providers in the field and also share with you the advantages and cons.

While GoDaddy didn’t make our list of the top web hosting companies, however, it has some advantages that could be perfect for your requirements. One thing is for certain with regard to hosting and websites: everybody has their own desires and requirements.

For more information regarding the hosting services we recommend, see all of our top choices here.

GoDaddy: Advantages and Disadvantages : Godaddy web hosting reviews

Since we’re not living in an ideal world, there are some cons that go along with the advantages. That’s the situation with GoDaddy as well as every other web hosting company. The trick is to find the best provider whose benefits outweigh the negatives for you.

To decide if GoDaddy is the best choice for you Here are the features we love about the site and the ones you need to be wary of.


  • One-Click Install Applications If you don’t want spend time installing a variety of applications on your site it’s not necessary to do so use GoDaddy. They provide one-click installation for several different apps, such as WordPress. This is perfect for people who are brand new to creating websites, but still want to experiment with designing their own web site. It’s also ideal for those who want to get their website operational as quickly as they can and don’t have the time nor the desire to mess around about setting up the app.
  • User-friendly: GoDaddy is a excellent hosting service for people who are just beginning to explore the world of web-based sites. The builder offered by GoDaddy takes care of all the work for you , allowing users to choose what you would like your site to look like. You can choose from a range of templates.
  • The only disadvantage of GoDaddy’s simplicity of the interface is that it doesn’t give you enough room to express your creativity like with other services. But, if you’re novice to building websites and don’t have the time to invest much effort into building something complex and complex, GoDaddy’s user-friendliness is especially beneficial for you.
  • Incredibly responsive Customer Service Contacting an agent on the line to assist you in these days and times isn’t as simple as it used to be. It’s as if everything is automated, and it’s a constant battle with automated systems until you get bored and finally end up hanging up. However, that’s not the situation with GoDaddy. Although they do employ bots, they offer telephone support and support via webchat 24/7, seven days a week. If you call in, it won’t take 20-30 minutes before you speak to an actual person. Indeed, customers are reporting that it usually takes less than two minutes to speak to a person who is real via phone. This is like something you’ve never heard of.
  • It’s the same when you decide to join a chat instead. It’s possible that representatives are initially busy but just wait for a couple of minutes and you’ll find someone who can help you out.
  • YouTube Guides with Strong Videos: If it’s issue you’re facing and you do not want to call GoDaddy’s customer support Try their videos instead. The How-To section of GoDaddy’s website is unique to any other hosting company’s. There are video playlists and guides that will help you understand issues like how to design your web presence as well as how to configure your email marketing, basic marketing, and many more. This vast resource can prove useful to solve more than the issues that you might face. This is a great resource for you to elevate your site and the idea behind it to higher levels.
  • Rapid Load Speed Load times are an essential piece of the puzzle that makes up a website Your site will not succeed if it doesn’t load quickly. As a matter of fact, no one is willing to sit and wait for websites to load. It’s 2022 and we would like things to take place today (well at least as fast as it is feasible). The load time for GoDaddy can be measured at an average 171.1 milliseconds, which means that they’re extremely fast.
  • Multi Data Centers the more centers hosting providers has, the higher speeds they can achieve. GoDaddy owns three centers: Europe, U.S., and Asia and offers speedy loading speeds that cover the majority of the globe. However, there are areas farther away from these data centers that slow the speed somewhat, but GoDaddy is planning to establish another center of data in India that could help reduce the low outlier figures.
  • Offers: Anyone who claimed there’s no any such thing as free lunches didn’t have access to GoDaddy’s web hosting. If you sign up for the shared hosting service, you’ll receive several great free features, such as a domain, Office 365 email, webmail and more than 125 apps, and many more.
  • The most important of these is the domain however. Because GoDaddy is well-known for its domain registration service, it’s wise of them to offer an unrestricted domain to those buying their hosting. Domain names typically cost between $5 and $5,000 annually, so a free one is always appreciated. But, be aware that the domain is free during the initial year. After that, you’ll be charged the normal annual cost.


  • Standard Basic Plan GoDaddy’s Basic plan is just that basic. It’s not a plan that is going to impress you, nor does it offer a lot in terms of extra features or bonuses. It’s a great starting location to expand your site, but initially it’s not offering any features that competitors do not. It’s also not such a low cost as other web hosting plans that are offered by others like Hostinger.
  • loaded with upsells There are some freebies that come with GoDaddy’s hosting packages, the main thing GoDaddy offers you is through the upsells. Many features are offered when you choose to use GoDaddy as your hosting provider but they usually are priced.
  • It is possible to be in a state of confusion during the checkout process , which is trying to upsell you on various products, and, sometimes, automatically add items to your shopping cart. Although they can be wonderful products, we don’t like the fact that they’re added to your cart without authorization. Some people might not be aware of the additional costs until they’ve made the purchase.
  • Higher Renewal RatesWhile this is the case with the majority of hosting providers, GoDaddy appears to be the most expensive when you compare their initial rates to prices after the first year.

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GoDaddy hosting price : GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

GoDaddy is, as do other web hosting companies provides a variety of plans that are suited to different requirements. As can be anticipated, the cheaper plans restrict the possibilities you can make on your hosting. They also come with a lower cost and are an excellent starting point.

GoDaddy Shared Hosting Plan

GoDaddy Shared Hosting Plan

GoDaddy’s shared plans work well for small and brand new websites just beginning to get started. They’re great value as they share server resources with other sites, hence the term “shared.”

It’s also not as robust as the other hosting levels. However, it’s an affordable alternative for personal sites or blogs with low traffic, and even for business websites with just several pages.

Here’s a more detailed review of GoDaddy’s shared hosting packages:

  • Economy. Beginning users who are beginning to build websites should opt for the economy option. It can be used for a single website and comes with a free SSL as well as a free email and 25GB of storage. Beginning at $5.99 per month, with an agreement for three years It’s a fantastic value for websites just beginning to launch.
  • Deluxe. The Deluxe package is designed for those who are new to hosting and need an option for hosting several websites. It has everything that is included under the plan for Economy, but can support up to 10 websites and doubles the storage capacity for $2 per month more.
  • Ultimate. Beginning with $12.99 per month The Ultimate plan is made for websites with a high volume of traffic. It will provide you with increased processing capacity, support for up to 25 websites with 75GB of storage along with 50 databases.
  • Maximum. It is considered to be the top the GoDaddy shared level. Beginning at $19.99 per month The plan is created for websites that must provide high-quality videos and photos. With support for up to 50 websites with 100GB of storage space, and 100 databases with plenty of room to grow.

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plan : GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Plan

If you’re new to the world of websites, WordPress may be your most trusted companion. It can make hosting and building your site more simple and a more efficient process. It is not necessary to master the basics of programming to utilize WordPress however, you are able to make changes to modify your website.

  • Basic. For small sites that are just starting out with HTML0, it’s best to go with the Basic package is what you require. The Basic plan comes with the use of two Microsoft 365 mailboxes for free for the first year, as well as a free SSL certificate for the duration of time you’re using GoDaddy as your hosting provider and 20GB of storage. The price starting point to get this service is $8.99/month.
  • Premium. Is the Basic plan too basic? Go for the Deluxe plan, which offers help in boosting your SEO, 40GB of storage as well as 3 Microsoft 365 mailboxes for free for the first year as well as everything included in the Basic plan. The cost begins at $11.99/month.
  • Ultimate. If you do not want the number of people visiting your website to be restricted The Ultimate plan gives you the ability to have unlimited visitors. The plan also gives you 60GB of storage space and five no-cost Microsoft 365 mailboxes for the first year, and all the features of the Deluxe plan for $18.99/month.
  • Ecommerce. For anyone who wants to sell products through their website this Ecommerce plan is a great choice. It includes all the features of the Ultimate plan, but comes with Ecommerce-related bonuses, such as an unlimited amount of product listings as well as calculation of the most current shipping costs. In addition, it comes with 80GB of storage. This plan costs $20.99/month.

If you’re looking for more than one WordPress websites If you want to host multiple WordPress websites, the GoDaddy Pro tier is worth investigating.

GoDaddy Business Hosting : GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

  • Launch. To get the basic features on many websites, GoDaddy’s Launch package is an excellent place to begin. It comes with a variety of features that will help you start your business and cost $19.99/month.
  • Enhance. If you anticipate your website to receive a lot of traffic, Enhance is what you need. It gives you more RAM and storage space and begins from $34.99/month.
  • Grow. If you’re looking to have e-commerce to be integrated into their site and want to make it a part of their overall strategy, the Grow plan might be the right choice. It works with ecommerce sites like Magento and costs $44.99/month.
  • Expand. If photography is an integral part of your site or other content that you use, then Expand is worth looking into. It has 150GB of storage space as well as 8GB RAM and 4 CPUs, with a lot more. It is $59.99/month.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Plan

GoDaddy VPS Hosting Plan

A website that is hosted by VPS will have more speed and efficiency due to the fact that there are servers specifically designed to your site, and only your site. So, if seeking a faster site that runs more smoothly, VPS hosting may be the right choice for you.

The higher you go in any VPS hosting plan the more storage and memory you will get. A four vCPU plan can be twice as robust and twice faster than that of the three vCPU plan.

A Dedicated Server

While this type of hosting is priced at the most expensive cost but it also has the highest power and most control. If you have a small site or just starting out in creating a website it is not necessary to invest this type of money for hosting. If you have a larger site that needs ability to control the server and its flexibility your server, this option is ideal for you.

The dedicated server hosting option is ideal for customers with the capacity to handle traffic that is greater than the VPS plans limits.

The various dedicated hosting plans all have more memory and storage than the previous plans with DS-256 putting the RAM to 256 GB. This plan is designed for those who are on an enterprise level . It costs $399.99/month.

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Reviewing the Best Web Hosting Services in 2023 : GoDaddy Hosting Reviews

GoDaddy is only one of the many hosting companies. It didn’t make it on our list of the top web hosting providers which includes eight other companies we discovered were top-rated in particular areas.

  1. Hostinger hosting The best web hosting for the majority of users
  2. SiteGround hosting is the best option for ensuring that uptime stays over 99.99 percent
  3. HostGator hosting Best for growing your small business efficiently
  4. DreamHost hosting – Best pay-as-you-go web hosting
  5. Bluehost hosting – Best drag-and-drop page builder for beginners
  6. inMotion hosting The best rate for hosting 2 websites under one plan
  7. Nexcess  hosting– Ideal for an experienced WordPress users
  8. A2 Hosting hosting – The most reliable web hosting service for European and Asian viewers
  9. HostArmanda hosting : Best Hosting Service Provider in 2023
  10. Kinsta hosting : Most Reliable Hosting
  11. NameCheap Web Hosting : Most Secure and Cheap Hosting

The GoDaddy hosting plans will be a good fit for you. However, it’s possible some other options will work better. Since the service doesn’t provide the same number of features as other hosting providers however, it might not offer you the same level of satisfaction or worth that you can receive in our top list of web hosting services.

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