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Get the Most Out of Social Media

Social media is about to change and you must ready for ocean of changes. Today we’re going to break down six social media tips that will help you to get the most out of social media.

How many of you noticed that your social engagement has dropped?

We bet most of you will say yes, because it has and here are the predictions that you need to follow and to keep in mind, to get that engagement to go back up.

Current Scenario say that it will get tougher and tougher to get reliable reach unless you are ready to put an ad on social platforms. So it is clear that one focus of social media platforms is also paid advertisements.

But the one who is consistently producing valuable content and make viewers to stay on social media platforms will win the game. That’s why I think you should apply the below mentioned strategies to be able to adopt the change in social media.

Here are the six strategies that you should think about while designing your social media marketing strategy.

1. Video is the king

All these social media networks are gonna prefer a video in 2020.

LinkedIn now has Live, there’s YouTube live, Facebook live. Facebook loves video. Instagram even likes videos more than images now and they’re gonna push on that harder and harder an the reason being is they wanna take over the television media networks.

There’s like YouTube TV, Facebook is now broadcasting lot of stuffs. They all want their slice of offline media and that’s why they’re pushing so hard on videos.

So you need to start creating video today. Doesn’t have to studio based quality video. You can just use your phone and start filming.

Planning to start a YouTube Channel? Know how to write script without any frustration.

2. Make yourself a brand

Brands will have more weight. There’s big issue of fake news.

It’s not just even on the social media sites. It’s even with sites like google. They’re tired of pushing fake news. They’re not doing it purpose but the way that they’re going to solve this is by focusing more on brands.

Brands will have more weight because they know brands are less likely to push out fake news. So you need to build a brand and usually requires offline approach.

Being at offline event, conferences, speaking all this kind of stuff will help build up your brand and your corporate brand. In that way you’re gonna go better on the social web.

3. Likes and shares will bring no engagement

Likes and shares won’t mean much. It’s all gonna be about comments. Linked in wants comments, Facebook wants comments, Instagram wants comments. They’re all gonna move towards this.

So more comments you get, the better you will have engagements. In your content, you have to encourage people to leave comments. It’s easy to click like button, but it’s much harder to leave a comment.

Comments should be not like yes or no, but they’re gonna want in-depth comments. So the more in-depth comments you have, the better
you’re gonna in social web.

4. Spending on Advertisement to get reach

Advertising going to get tougher. You all know cost are gonna go up but the reason it’s gonna get tougher is because it’s gonna move into branded.

Right now, there’s so many affiliates who are still doing somewhat well and they’re making millions of dollars from Facebook and all these social sites through ads but it’s getting tougher and tougher.


It’s because companies like coca-cola are just doing advertisement to just get like on a simple post. It’s gonna make advertising harder and harder for you because brand dollars are much bigger than dollars that affiliate marketers are willing to spend to get a ROI.

5. Common algorithms for all social media platforms

Social Media Platforms will all have similar algorithms in 2019.But as you’ll drive traffic to your website, it gets harder and harder.

Some of these social sites still make it easy but they’re not gonna wanna keep having that. Why? Because the longer they keep them on their own social media platform, the more money they make.

Social Media don’t wanna drive traffic to your website. They just wanna keep you on Facebook, they just wanna keep you in LinkedIn, they just wanna keep you in Instagram. That’s whats benefits them the most.

That’s how they make most of the dollars from ad. You wanna drive traffic to your website? Pay money. That’s what they want and that’s what’s gonna happen.

6. Not all social media platforms will be good deal

People will stop using all social media platforms out there. Individuals are gonna start focusing their time and efforts on the main social networks.

You already know people that are using snapchat less and less and are using Instagram more. There’s just too many options out there and there’s not enough time in a day.

For that reason, they are just gonna focus on the social network that they like. So you’re gonna figure out how to market to people on different channels.

As a business you may target all of them but you’re gonna figure out how to do campaigns and how to create content that works in each social network. Because what people like on Instagram, they may not like it on Facebook.

So you can’t just take your content and put it on all the networks out there.

So, follow these strategies to get the most out of social media and grow more. If you have any questions leave your comments below.

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