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Fast and Secure Web Hosting for Your Website

So if you can’t decide on which web hosting to go with, today I’m covering the top fast and secure web hosting options giving you the features of each and showing you the types of situations each of these would be best, because each of them have their strengths.

So my goal is to help you decide which one might be best for you depending on your particular situation and also finding the best.

But before going further let’s know about some key pointers before buying a web hosting.

Here are some key pointers you should always keep in mind when choosing a web host.

Firstly let’s talk about performance.

This is critical as it greatly contributes to the success of your online project, therefore it’s important that you keep an eye on speed and uptime guarantee of the web host for speed

It’s vital to note the type of storage being used.

Remember that solid state drives (SSDs) are always faster compared to the traditional hard disk drives.

Moreover SSDs with raid disk arrays and configurations are even better uptime guarantee.

On the other hand is a promise that your website will always be available online for both existing and new visitors.

Protection from malicious attacks

Security protection of your website most critical. Information online should always be top priority by the web host this includes protection from both physical and software malicious attacks from viruses and hackers.

Here I’m gonna emphasize on backups and SSL certificates.

On backups you’ll need to  find out if the vendor does any backups at all if they do when and how  frequently it’s done.

Usually daily, weekly, might be monthly and so forth and the type of backups that are done whether they’re automatic or manual.

As of 2018 Google announced that websites without SSL Certificates will be considered unsafe.

What this means is that if your website isn’t SSL certified, then your visitor and your customers will be alerted that they might be at risk if they continue using your site.

Important things to note here include if the vendor offers any SSL certificates and whether these are being sold separately or are included in the web hosting packages.

You also need to take into account beginner and user friendliness, given the increased need for online presence these days.

One-Click Installations

Considering that only a small fraction of the world’s population are really fluent with programming languages and coding.

It’s therefore important for you to look at for web hosts that will provide you with easy-to-use tools for your hosting.

These include features like user friendly control panels, drag-and-drop website builders, one-click installers among others.

Pricing and Support

Pricing and support here you’ll need to be extra keen.

On the price point this shows how the vendor compares to the market’s average both locally and internationally and whether you’ll be getting value for every time you spend.

It’s also worth to note if the vendor offers a free trial and/or money-back guarantee for you to try out their services before making any long-term commitments.

And as for support you’ll need to know that you and your particular venture are in good hands here response time is key especially if you’re an international customer.

But it’s also important to note that different customer support channels available, the type of responses they have, whether they’re canned or personalized and the knowledge bases of the agents and staff and whether they’re available around the clock.

Moving further, web hosting deals can be difficult as certain promotions or discounts can sometimes be hidden from the general public or only made available by using certain coupon codes and so on.

So I’ve included links to the current best deals or discounts for each of these web hosting options.

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Disclosure: When you purchase a service or a product through our links, we sometimes earn a commission, at no extra cost to you.

Here is the list of top fast and secure web hosting for your website:

1. Bluehost

So first up is Bluehost which would be the best choice for most newbies bloggers, business owners and possibly site managers as well.

Bluehost is often considered to be the default choice for web hosting, they’ve been around a long time they offer great hosting at a great price and they have an excellent reputation for supporting their customers through their 24/7 phone and chat support.

In my own experience, I’ve found good support to be invaluable in a web hosting company because if you get stuck with an issue on your website, you can either spend hours trying to figure it out or end up paying someone to fix it.

With Bluehost I found that 99% of the time they’ve been able to help me with whatever issues I’ve had. Click below to get bluehost hosting.

I’ve personally had such incredible customer support experiences with them that I’ve actually gone to the trouble of writing personal letters to upper management about a particular situation and how one of their customer representative helped me.

It hasn’t always been perfect but I could share story after story how they’ve gone above and beyond to take care of me over. 

They also have the best uptime of 99.99% + lightning-fast loading times an average of 461 milliseconds.

They offer a variety of different hosting plans that catered in nearly every style of web site from WordPress to e-commerce, to massive sites and brand new blogs.

Ultimately, this is the hosting company I recommended to my own clients when they’re starting WordPress sites, because they have very affordable plans.

They make it easy to install one or as many WordPress sites as you like and they offer great performance for the price basically they give you everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily with a brand new site.

If you want to upgrade to a higher performance plan to speed up your site or improve security then that’s certainly an option as well.

The point is that Bluehost covers everything you could possibly need from a host.

So if you start with them you’ll never need to switch to someone else.

Overall Bluehost has the best cost to value ratio it’s great for newbies to more advanced users and it’s the top choice especially for anyone getting started with a new website.

why bluehost is best
  • Fast Servers
  • Recommended by WordPress
  • One Click Installations
  • 24/7 Support available
  • SSL
  • Site backups

2. Siteground

Next on the list is siteground.

siteground hosting

Site ground has many of the same features as Bluehost but a couple of the key differences is that, siteground will only allow you to have one website on their basic plan other basic plan does cost a little more compared to Bluehost.

But you get a bit more performance and overall it’s a higher quality plan and SiteGround is also known for their support.

In my experience their support is also quite helpful for the newbie and they tend to be more knowledgeable.

So you’re more likely to get excellent help if you know exactly what your issue is or if you prefer more straightforward answers.

So while I found them to be more knowledgeable on average compared to Bluehost support.

There weren’t as likely on average to go above and beyond or to be as helpful when you don’t know what you’re doing compared to support from Bluehost.

So ultimately SiteGround is ideal for someone who wants a step up performance wise from what Bluehost offers. Only having to spend a few dollars more to get that.

If working with a green company it is important to you then you’ll want to go with green geeks, they’re a solid and reputable hosting company that’s been in business for 11 plus years and they use renewable energy to power all their hosting services.

Why they are best:

why siteground is best
  • SSD Persistent Storage
  • Powered by Google Cloud
  • Round the clock help center
  • Officially recommended by wordpress.org
  • In house built solutions
  • One click installations
  • Fast Servers
  • SSL
  • Hosting 2 Millions Domains


If you’re on a tight budget and want to get started with as low of a cost as possible, then you’ll want choose hostinger.

They offer month-to-month pricing and currently their lowest plan starts at less than $1 per month.

Now the best part about hostinger is that they don’t feel like cheap hosting they do feel like a more  premium web hosting company, such as having an uptime guarantee, 24/7 support and good site speed though they won’t be as good as Bluehost or SiteGround.

They’re the best option when you want the most affordable hosting possible yet still have a quality web hosting experience.

So, these are the top 3 fast and secure web hosting options for your website

Which one you like/ Leave your comments below.

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