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Don’t Wait Start a YouTube Channel Now in 2020.

I assume you don’t have a YouTube channel or have a channel but you are not that active. In either case, you must be looking for reasons to start your Youtube channel right now.

2020 is the best time to start a youtube channel. So, Don’t wait start a youtube channel now in 2020.

No need to look anywhere… we’ll guide you.

You must be seeing a very unique change or you can say trend during this time of lockdown. Video streaming sites are becoming more popular and is now taking over the internet.

Let’s see a bit about YouTube now.

Youtube is one of the most popular websites on the planet. It stands at the second position, just below google.com. Also, wherever you go, even in the remotest villages, they at least know about Youtube.

Let us look at some statistics:

  • Over four hundred hours of videos are uploaded on Youtube every minute.
  • Anyone who watches Youtube regularly spends more than 45 minutes each day watching videos.
  • Approximately, over five billion videos are watched every single day on Youtube.
  • The number of unique monthly views on the whole of Youtube is close to one billion which is a massive number.

Looking at the numbers, it’ll not be wise to let the chance of being seen by so many people each day. This is one of the mediums where you don’t have to invest much amount for advertising your brand/business to millions of viewers.

Still not convinced?

Okay, keep reading to see the amazing reasons to start your Youtube channel right now.

But, before we proceed, let’s be clear about a few things.

General Misconception:

  • It is a misconception that to be a successful Youtuber, you just need to upload a couple of vlogs each month and you’ll have a large following and earn a lot of money, but sadly, it doesn’t work like that.
    You need to publish meaningful content that is useful for people to have a viewer base that interacts and regularly views your content.
  • You won’t be earning millions right from the start, you’ll need to invest considerable time and effort to start earning and that too will be limited at the starting.

Now, without further adieu, let’s check all the reasons you should be starting a Youtube channel.

First, we will look at the generic reasons.

Reasons yo start your youtube channel in 2020:

1. You Become a Creator

become a creator

Once you start to make videos on Youtube, you are no longer classified as a consumer. You transform into a creator. This has its value. Apart from approaching brands, you now have an identity of your own.

Creators are generally associated with having an active mindset. When we think of a creator, we generally think about writers or song composers. But actually, ‘creator’ means anyone who creates. That includes video creators on Youtube. The few obvious benefits of being a creator are:

  • Become an icon to many people. 
  • Have your followers who learn from you and get inspired by you. 
  • Several brands contact you for collaborations among the millions of people who use their products.

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2. Express your Creativity

Most of the people are creative, but their creativity is often limited to their close friends or family members. 

But if you are a creator, your creativity is displayed in front of thousands of your viewers. This, in turn, boosts your confidence and helps you excel in your day to day activities. 

An alternate benefit of it is that you’ll have improved discipline, focus, and problem-solving skills.

3. Make Money

When you are popular on Youtube, you have the potential to earn a lot of money. Yes, legitimate money. 

When you have a huge number of viewers, you are termed as an influencer. This means that you can influence the choice of your viewers by what you say or use.

Do you know what that means?

You are a viable option for various brands to promote their product. Brands often contact influencers and request them to use their product for personal as well as review purposes and most of the time, they pay you an amount for that.

Apart from this, you can also earn by displaying ads on your Youtube videos. This is in fact, the very fist way of earning money through Youtube videos. 

There are also other forms of earnings but they are not that common. Examples are affiliate marketing and selling of merchandise.

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4. Get Viewed by Massive Audience

As of now, about one-third of all the internet users use Youtube to get an idea of the place they’ll be visiting. Even before buying anything, people mostly see videos of that product on Youtube to get an exact idea about the product. 

Although one-third may seem small, it is no less than 1 billion users. Imagine the number of eyeballs your content will grab in this pool of eyeballs. Your work is going to be viewed by hundreds if not thousands of people each day. 

All this can be done without selling a kidney to get the money for advertisements.

5. Create Community

create a community

When you influence this many people, you automatically create a close-knit community of people. This community of people follows you and is influenced by your choices and decisions. It is your very own community. 

Once you have your community, you become a sort of celebrity and is approached by brands for being their ambassador and promote their product. 

Since this is your community, you need to look after it. If you promote the right product, it positively benefits your community. Moreover, this group of people knows you and most of them are willing to stand with you in any situation. 

Now let us look at some of the important and more technical reasons for starting your Youtube channel now.

6. Personal Growth Opportunities

If you check the previous two points, the main focus is that you positively improve yourself. You become an icon to many. You become an inspiration, people watch your creation. 

This, in turn, leads to your personal growth. You become aware of who you are, what is right or wrong.

You also learn to push yourself ahead of uncomfortable situations and build a level of discipline and focus that is not a natural trait of people who are not creators.

7. Get Discovered

youtube channel

Youtube is one of the most popular websites that people visit and it gets millions of viewers each day. 

This means that when you upload your videos to Youtube, you have the potential to be viewed by hundreds, if not thousands of viewers. 

This means that your skills/talent gets viewed by so many people. You have your followers. You are known for your talent and trusted upon by the millions who watch your videos. 

In a single line, you become a sort of celebrity by yourself.

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8. Make an Impact

As mentioned in the last point, when you are making videos you get viewed by so many people. Slowly, you gather viewers and some of them actively follow you. They see you as an inspiration and you slowly become a social media influencer. 

You influence the thought process and choices of thousands of people that follow you. When you say that a particular thing is better than the rest, most of your viewers also trust you and believe the same. 

In short, you make an impact in the society and lives of people. In this stage, you are more likely to be approached by brands and other people who want to reach a major part of society or if they want to reach a specific group of people with similar interests.

9. Display What your Products can do

Do you remember the point where we mentioned how customers prefer watching a demo of the product before purchasing or using the actual product? You can use this to your advantage and make small demo videos that guide the user about the product that you’re selling and how to use the products. 

Also, you don’t need to use expensive equipment or hire a video creator to make a video. Since most smartphones are equipped with a better camera nowadays, you can use that to record the video and explain how your product works. 

Then download a free video editing application and edit the video you just created. And now, you just need to upload it to your Youtube channel. 

A product demo video is a massively powerful marketing strategy that you can leverage to grow your presence on Youtube and also earn from it.

10. Content Published in Video Format

You must be seeing a very unique change or you can say trend during this time of lockdown. Video streaming sites are becoming more popular and is now taking over the internet. 

It is also replacing the conventional ways of entertainment we had earlier. For example, major movies and television shows are now being released on video streaming sites instead of the theatres or multiplexes. Also, before visiting any place we prefer knowing about that place and the attractions there through travel videos and vlogs on Youtube. 

Internet users spend more time on the video than any other format of media or communications. And it is also expected that this trend will continue in the future and won’t diminish anytime soon. 

Among all the video-sharing platforms on the internet, Youtube is one of the most popular among people all over the world except a few places. 

70% of the people in a survey agreed that they watch a video demo of products before actually deciding on purchasing them. If you are a business owner, you would want to be right where your customers are. As of now, they are on Youtube, watching the demo of products from your competitors. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Also, another added advantage of publishing on Youtube is that it has the option to share the video on any and every social media and even on emails. You can also embed the video on any of your blogs or websites.

11. Use the Power of Word-to-Mouth Marketing

Word-to-mouth marketing is considered the best form of marketing where people talk about your business or product for free. Youtube videos are a great way to trigger this as the viewer is seeing the product directly and is most likely to talk about it to friends or relatives and they watch your video. The chain goes on ….

Final Thoughts

Setting up a Youtube channel for your business/brand is the first step. The next is to produce meaningful content and implement a proper marketing strategy. You must research well before producing content because, most of the time, the video is created to either entertain or to educate your audience.

Also, be creative, work to find out what your viewers want to watch and give them more of the desired content.

The key to being successful on Youtube is consistency. So remember to include a schedule for publishing a channel.

Optimize each video for one particular keyword. This makes it a lot easier for your viewers to find your content on the platform.

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