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10 Best Cache Plugins in WordPress to Optimize Speed

Before proceeding with anything, and then we will discuss in detail on 10 best cache plugins in wordpress. let’s see what this term ‘caching’ means…

In pure layman’s term, you can say caching as memorizing data and converting it to information with minimum processing.

For example, if I ask you what is 3 times 15, you can easily tell it’s 45. I am sure you didn’t have to calculate it.

But, the actual calculation takes place so fast, that you didn’t even realize it. This is all because the information is already stored in your brain.

Caching in websites is similar to this. It stores some information on the local device(Like mobile) and uses it the next time you access the website.

Caching explained in brief:

When you access any webpage, a request is sent to the server. Then the server processes that request which includes any and every part of the website and any database query, and then the final result is sent from the server over the internet to your browser.

Then it is assembled and the final result is the website that you’re seeing, complete with any and every detail.

For example, you might have a carousel, menu, and some saved data.

If the website is bulky with data/graphics/animations, it may take a while for the server to process all the data and send it to the browser leading to longer wait times while accessing the webpage.

That, right there, is where caching becomes helpful. The cache plugin, if enabled, instructs the server to store some files on your hard disk or RAM.

The next time when you access the same webpage, the browser and server can omit the processing of the data already stored in the cache and loads the webpage much faster, directly from the cache.

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In a single line, caching reduces the amount of work required by the server to generate a view of the webpage.

Why is caching important for a webpage?

Cache management is important because it reduces the load on the server and makes your site faster.

You must be wondering…how does it help the website other than reducing the load on the server?

1. You speed-up your site for your users.

This is one of the primary advantages. A faster site will have better user retention and a very low bounce rate and also increase the SEO of your website.

2. Less load on your server.

With caching, the load on your server to display the webpage is greatly reduced. This is particularly useful in dynamic websites where the server is important to process data other than loading the page itself.

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3. Improved overall user experience:

Since the website now loads and performs faster, the overall user experience is greatly enhanced. No-one is going to visit a site where you have to wait 5-7 seconds to wait for the page to load.

4. An overall advantage to SEO of the site:

A faster website helps you gain more traffic from organic searches and as a result, you get a higher ranking in google search results.

That being said, let’s take a look at a few of the best cache plugins that you can use in your WordPress website.

10 Best cache plugins for wordpress

1. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is one of the most popular cache plugin used by WordPress websites and is recommended by many of the top WordPress hosting companies. It is one of the best cache plugin in wordpress.

The main advantage of WP Super Cache is that it includes all recommended features that you need to speed-up your website. Some of these features are gzip compression, cache pre-loading, advanced cache pre-load, page cache, CDN support and few more

2. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is also one of the most popular cache plugins used for WordPress websites. It is a full-blown WordPress cache management plugin with a ton of options that may appear a bit too complex to beginners.

It is also know as the best cache plugin in wordpress for optimizing speed of your wordpress website.

But, it includes every feature you need to properly set-up cache for any site on WordPress. Some features offered by this plugin are page cache, object cache, gzip compression, limited minification support, CDN support, and a few others.

3. WP Rocket

For a beginner, WP Rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin as it allows you to instantly cache the website with one click. The crawler in this plugin automatically creates your cache using features like gzip compression, page cache, and a few others.

Further, you can turn on its optional feature that includes CDN support, DNS Pre-fetching, minification, and a couple of other settings. These further improves the performance of the website.

This is a paid plugin.

4. Securi Firewall

As its name suggests, this plugin does two work at the same time. Securi Firewall is a website firewall and is bundled with an option to cache your website content. It has an option to enable gzip compression with the choice of a button.

This cache plugin is termed as the best option for any website because it is a DNS level firewall. This means that it can serve cached content to the user even before the initial request reaches the server.

5. Cache Enabler

Cache enabler is one of the best caching plugins for WordPress. This is because it is a free and open-source plugin, which means it comes without a price tag.

It offers disc catching engine which is pretty fast and reliable. Adding to that, WordPress multisite support is an advantage for those with a network of websites.

6. Comet Cache

Comet Cache wordpress plugin is a popular option and comes with a free as well as a paid version. The latter starts at around $39 and increases with features.

It has features similar to most others but offers the best documentation among all of them. It is fairly easy and simple to install and configure. The configuration is so simple that it can be done on posts, pages, categories, and even tags.

7. Hyper Cache

Hyper cache is an excellent option to use on a high-end server for the best performance or on a low-resource hosting site for efficiency. This runs purely on PHP, so the configuration is bare-bones simple and can be used on any WordPress website.

It remains active even on mobile devices. So, it doesn’t matter whether the user is on a computer or mobile device.

This is also an open-source project, so there is no need to worry about paying for service/updates at a later time.

8. Breeze

Breeze is also a free WordPress cache plugin and is becoming one of the most popular ones with hundreds if not thousands of active installs.

The only reason for such popularity is that it is simple and does its job. It mainly excels in three areas: simplicity, performance, and convenience.

The setup is as simple as the minification of HTML, CSS, and JS in the basic options.

9. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is advertised as ‘the simplest and fastest WP Cache system’. It achieves this efficiency by creating static files on the website using a function called mod_rewrite.

It also contains features that provide options to combine JSS and CSS files, thus reducing the number of requests from the server. The best part about this is that there are only three tabs in the settings and they are pretty straightforward.

Tab 1: Displays settings.

Tab 2: Allows to define cache and minified fields.

Tab 3: Allows definition of rate of cache files creation.

10. Hummingbird Page speed optimization

Hummingbird cache plugin is probably the simplest and easiest of all the cache plugins mentioned. You just need to add it to your site and enable it. Once activated, the plugin scans the entire website for speed improvements and provides the most suitable settings for file compression, browser caching, and minification.

Not only it makes the site faster but it helps improve the score on Google Page Speed Insights.

Some of the noteworthy features of this plugin are:

1. Combines and minimizes the use of CSS and JS files.

2. Loads JS files in the footer.

3. Gzip compression

4. Browser Caching and CDN support.

Final Thoughts:

It is quite difficult to select one among these available plugins. However, there are only minute benefits that separate each of the plugins.

So, the best thing to do will be to check which one suits your requirements best. Before you finalize any one of them, test it thoroughly to make sure that it suits you.

So, this is the list of 10 best cache plugins in wordpress to optimize speed of your website. If you use any of these plugins, or any other plugin, feel free to share it with us.

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